Organic Merino Wool Socks with Grips


Organic Merino Wool Socks with Grips


Thick Merino Wool Socks in Red and Navy with Grips

These thick organic merino wool socks have the added bonus of silicone grips which are free from any toxic phthalates. These socks are soft and breathable - perfect for boots in the winter or simply to prevent cold feet from waking up your little one throughout the night. They can also double as warm slippers for around the house - perfect for slippery floors and toddlers unsure on their feet! No itching, no sweating, just warm and comfortable little feet. Made from untreated wool they do not need much washing, airing them out will usually be enough.

Merino wool is an active fiber that helps regulate body temperature. It's also water and dirt repellant.

Made in Germany.

Available in Red and Navy.

** Please note that these socks have several small, elastic threads woven into the very top section of the sock to hold them up around the ankle. Without them, socks made from only natural fibers will not stay up. The elastic threads have minimal, if any at all, contact with the skin and the fabric itself is made from 100% organic wool.

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