How to dress a baby in summer?

We love the summer but dressing a baby, especially a newborn in the heat can be tricky ☀️!

Unlike adults, these littlest loves need help regulating their body temperature. Babies only sweat from their neck, hands, feet and head (30% of their overall body). Because of this, they can become overheated very quickly.

At the same time, any sun rays hitting their skin directly increase the risk for sunburn and skin damage. Sunscreen is not really an option because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advises not to put sunscreen on your little one before they are six months old. Even then it’s recommended to only use it very liberally. Unfortunately, cotton, linen, and viscose offer poor UV protection.

But we got you covered!!

Merino wool absorbs radiation throughout the entire UV spectrum even when completely untreated providing excellent UV protection (UPF 30+). Natural silk also offers high UV protection because similar to some synthetic fibres it contains particels reflecting and absorbing UV radiation.

Wool & Silk clothing really is like bathing your skin in chemical sunscreen - but without the chemicals !! Not to mention that this amazing fabric also channels away excess heat immediately to ensure that your baby’s optimal level of comfort is maintained at all times.