8 reasons why organic merino wool is the BEST base layer for babies and tots

In this post we’ll give you 8 reasons why we can't live without merino wool !!

1. Natural Fiber

We want our children to grow up in a beautiful, pure and healthy environment. Merino wool is a renewable, sustainable product. The merino sheep will keep producing merino wool, and - unlike many synthetic products - it will biodegrade when disposed of ... keeping the cycle of life ongoing!

2. Antibacterial

Merino wool naturally comes with strong anti-bacterial properties. The merino sheep produces lanolin and keratin which help to protect water and bad odors from forming. Unlike any other fabric MINI LILA ™ merino wool base layers can be worn for days, and if needed weeks (!!), at a time without needing to be washed. All the while remaining odorless!

3. Lightweight and Moisture Absorbing:

Merino wool is an incredibly lightweight base layer and it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, without feeling moist. Sensitive baby skin prefers dry conditions! Happy baby, happy mother!

4. Thermo-regulating

We all know merino wool can keep our babies warm in winter, but the Bedouin tribes of the Sinai desert also wear wool as it can be worn in temperatures of 176 Fahrenheit !! This is because wool is an active material. It responds to body temperature in real time. Merino wool disperses any moisture into the air allowing your child's body to breath at all times. These unique body temperature regulation properties also help to keep your baby safe as overheating has been named as one of the key risk factors of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

5. Softer on Baby's Skin

Yes, wool can itch. But not merino wool! Merino wool is an ultrafine fabric that is able to bend far more than other fabrics allowing a softer feel against sensitive baby skin. And MINI LILA ™
base layers carry some extra silk to make the fabric even softer!

6. Fire Retardant

Merino wool has natural fire retardant properties. Could anything be more perfect for babies and tots? While synthetic fabrics need to be treated with chemicals to adhere to US regulations regarding fire resistance, merino wool naturally carries those qualities thanks to its amino acid structure. In fact, merino wool will repel fire and is self-extinguishing, helping to keep your children safe!

7. All-weather

Merino wool keeps your children reliably warm in winter and cool in summer, really allowing for the perfect body temperature year-round. Additionally, due to the years of evolution of protecting the sheep from the sun merino wool can absorb UV radiation giving better protection against the sun than most fabrics.

8. Maintenance

Merino wool is surprisngly easy to maintain!  MINI LILA ™ merino wool base layers are machine washable in a wool cycle and anti-wrinkle thanks to the smaller fibres that are extra flexible. This flexibility gives merino wool a natural elasticity, which allows MINI LILA ™ base layers to fall back into their own shape and to actually grow with your child!!  Additionally, it allows for more freedom of movement when your baby starts to become mobile. Merino wool is also stain resistant due to the natural protective outer of the fabric. Anti-static properties help to repel dust and lint as well!