February in NYC

By February, everyone in New York is ready for spring - and so are we!!  But until then, our top 5 favorite stops around the City include:

1. Wave Hills

Hands down, it doesn't get more serene than Wave Hill.  Perched above the Hudson you'll find boasting 28 acres of public gardens, woodlands and lawns to wander. It's so calm that you won't believe you're still within City limits. They offer nature walks, story times and family art projects that are usually free with grounds admission.  Make sure to also check out their seasonal offerings for families.



2. Scandinavia House

Enjoy the amazing Playing and Learning Center at the Scandinavia House which is open to the public on Saturdays from 12-5 pm ($15 per child).  Children must be able to walk on their own to be admitted.


Scandinavia Playing and Learing Center NYC

3. Central Park

There just isn't anything like playing in the snow or sun in Central Park!  And we discovered that Cedar Hill is the perfect hill for beginner sledding... in case we do get another snow day...


Sledding in Central Park NYC

4. Brooklyn Children's Muesum

If you are all in for camping, head over to Brooklyn Children's Museum. 'Wilderness' is a fun interactive exhibit where you can learn everything about surviving in nature!


Wilderness in Brooklyn

5. Washington Square Park

Because we are in love with this park no matter what: There will always be music, laughter, chess and pigeons. And both of our kids love the hilly playground. Enjoy the slide!!


Washington Square Park NYC