How to sleep better in organic merino wool??

Because babies spend so much of their new life sleeping (up to 17 hours a day for newborns!), it's important to ensure a healthy environment with clothes free from synthetics and chemical residues from the very beginning.

MINI LILA β„’ essentials are designed especially for baby's comfort featuring soft waistbands and designs that make changing easy. Our pure organic merino wool mixed with organic silk for extra softness is super breathable, making it the ideal fabric for babies to sleep in.  Wool responds to body temperature changes in real time, channeling away excess heat immediately. Your baby will actually sleep better in MINI LILA β„’! And the wonderful thing about our pants is that they come with built-in optional cuffs that flip to cover the little toes, so you don’t have to try and keep little socks or booties on to ensure they stay warm.

Later, creating a bedtime routine can be a great ritual for the whole family, ideally leading to a restful night's sleep for the whole family!! It can start with a warm bath. Splashing and playing is a fun way to use up any remaining energy with your little one. At the same time, warm water soothes and relaxes tired muscles and bodies, and will settle and calm your baby or toddler for bedtime. Once dry, the daily massage is the ideal evening wind down, and great for bonding too. Lots of cuddling is essential for a good night's rest. Talking about the day, including fun memories and sharing lots of love will make your baby feel calm and ready for sleep. And a classic storybook or bedtime lullaby might just do the trick! We started reading stories a long, long time before our little ones could "read".

Sleep well!!

MINI LILA organic merino wool sleep wear