How to dress a baby in winter? In merino wool!

It’s so cold outside! And it can be hard to know what little ones need to wear to stay warm and cozy!

When it comes time to bundle up, I stick to the simple rule of thumb - count the same number of layers I’m wearing and add one more since babies lose heat more rapidly than adults. It's all about layers!

Of course, the first layer should be our MINI LILA ™essential pieces - organic merino wool onesie and pants or a shirt and pants. They are a superb second skin for day and night. The organic merino wool is the perfect fabric for babies and toddlers because it is super warm, yet breathable and soft (especially with the extra silk we use!). It insulates, absorbs body moisture, and helps regulate body temperature while being gentle to the softest skin on earth.

BTW: A good way to check to see if your baby is too hot or cold is to place your (warm) hand on their tummy or back - it should always be warm but not sweaty!

MINI LILA organic merino wool shirts